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LEGAL REPRESENTATIONif you are involved in an adversarial matter, we can provide you with legal representation throughout the pendency of your matter.  This is done with the goal of helping resolve the issues with the least outlay of money in legal fees but without compromising your rights.

PREPARATION OF WILLS & TRUSTS:  This is an important subject that many people avoid.  However, if you have children, own real property or other assets, it is extremely important that you provide for the transfer of your assets should the case arise.  We take the time to explain the process to you so you are comfortable with the decisions you make.

MEDIATION OF DISPUTES:  Ms. Reinecke meets with both parties involved in a dispute (generally it's a family law matter).  She helps work out an agreement so the parties can avoid the cost and emotional toll of a court battle.  By resolving matters through mediation:  1.  the parties have control over the outcome of their matter;  2.  the stress level is reduced; 3. the parties save time and money.  Because Family Law courts are not as accessible as they once were, Mediation has become the way to go!

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